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Our Favo"u"rite MUST-HAVE Fillers to Sow

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

When it comes to microfarming, we are always having to maximize our production for the limited space we have available. So when it comes to flower production we look for the following characteristics in a plant:

• Easy to germinate and establish

• A strong producer of blooms

• Multiple use bloom -- can be used as a focal, an accessory, or as a filler; can also be used in either fresh or dried form.

We love the following fillers!

  1. Sweet peas We love the ruffly ones and they come in a wide array of colors.

2. Cerinthe This self-sowing beauty is easy. Let a few plants go to seed at the end of the season and you will never need to think about this one again. Cerinthe is reliable and will come back year after year with beautiful lush green and blue undertones. Great en masse or as a filler.

3. Breadseed Poppy Poppies require a bit more attention and detail to keep hydrated as a cut flower. We carefully harvest some for delicate centerpieces, but for the majority, we actually let bloom out and allow them to set their pods. We use the pods to embellish our bouquets and centerpieces! What is left later in the season, we dry.

4. Orlaya We let this self-sowing beauty take run of our lower field and she reliably blooms short of Mother's Day. She is so prolific that a fellow floral designer once suggested to hang it "en masse" from the ceiling to make some floral clouds!

Note: What we call "The cousins" to Orlaya; Chocolate Lace Flower, Blue Didiscus and Queen Anne's Lace seeds are also cast out into the field. Over the course of 2-3 months, these beauties come up at nature's call nature and provide a steady flow of filler for us without the fuss!

5. Scented Geranium Tried and true, we have fallen in love with varieties such as "Rose of Attar" and "Chocolate Geranium" Standard citronella is great too!

6. Strawflowers We can usually overwinter these plants with little protection in our area. (YAY! One less plant to sow and babysit!) Strawflowers produce steadily through the entire season. What we don't use for fresh bouquets and arrangements, we clip and hang to dry for later use. Talk about ultimate flower power!

What do you like to grow for filler and how do you use it? We'd love to trade notes!! Please email us @

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