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Top 5 Summer Fillers

What do we love the most about the following summer fillers?? They are quite drought tolerant and can grow on our farm with little to no irrigation! With the exception of sisyrinchium, they can be also dried for later use!


#5. Daucus carota known as Chocolate lace flower

We sprinkle these seeds in late winter/early spring along with Orlaya seeds.  Orlaya comes first and then our chocolate lace flower follows!

Daucus carota
Chocolate lace flower

#4. Sisyrinchium

This tall yellow beauty self sows and is a no brainer for us here at the farm.  It is reliable and left to self sow, it shows up just at the start of summer.  We use it as a spike in alot of our bouquets.

Tall yellow flower
Head farmette in our grove of Sisyrinchium

#3 Statice

Also known as "sea lavender" is highly productive and not only can it be used fresh, but its color holds well to drying.  Statice has a large range of colors too!  We grow hues of purples, lavender, pink, rose, apricots and even cream whites!

Statice harvested and ready for drying

#2 Strawflower

Strawflower starts to bloom in late May here at the farm and continues to bloom through October.  With plenty of sunshine, this plant will continue to push blooms throughout the season.


Strawflowers have exceptional vase life and if you harvest them early, you can dry them for projects such as flower crowns, boutonnières, and corsages.


We’re actually able to over winter both Statice and strawflower here at the farm, which makes for one less job of having to sow these babies from year to year! 

Sisyrinchium, Chocolate lace flower, and Celosia no doubtedly leave seeds behind post bloom time and self sows readily the following Spring :)

#1 Celosia

Celosia is a VERY prolific crop here at the farm. Celosia comes in a variety of forms. Two common forms are "cockscomb" and "feather." It also comes in wide arrange of color --From dusty pinks, to yellows, to purples too! There is definitely something for EVERYBODY. Our favorites are vintage rose and terracotta!

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