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Our Story



Turbow Farms is a small, family-run, specialty cut flower farm nestled in the foothills of Los Altos, California.  We started our farm in 2018, tucking our blooms into the way we live and utilizing our native greenery that surrounds our little plot!  


The results have been both challenging and rewarding as we are limited by space and by drought.  But when we see our children run amongst our blooms and our menagerie hide amongst the leaves, we smile.

To our friends and family who have helped us cultivate this dream come true:  We are ever so grateful for your tireless support-- from mentorship, seed sowing, transporting plants from our "sister farm,"  to countless hours and love poured into our flowers.    THANK YOU.


"Gather and Create” ...

Growing common and not so common flowers, we share our harvest through our workshops.  Each workshop is a unique experience that immerses participants into the world of floral farming and design. 


Our fresh blooms are also available through our flower subscriptions, bundles, and seasonal offerings, March through October.  

We are VERY THANKFUL to be embraced by our community and humbled to have the opportunity to share beauty through our flowers.  

With love from our farm to you,

The Turbow's


Meet Team Turbow


Charmaine Turbow

Head Farmette

It all began with HER. With devoted passion, Charmaine loves to share their atypical farm in an atypical fashion. 


She loves getting everyone’s hands in the dirt, snipping blooms, and drawing participants' creative juices out so they can truly create something unique.  

Favorite task: Teaching workshops

Least favorite task: Weeding

Favorite flower:  PEONIES!

Hobby: DIY- Woodworking!

IMG_0876 2.heic

Dan Turbow

Chief of Logistics

Dan is the tireless supporter and "YES man" of our farm and keeps it running like a well oiled steam locomotive. If you have our blooms delivered to your home, you'll likely meet the man himself as he does all our local deliveries with a smile and coffee in hand.

Favorite task: Watering plants using our rain collection tanks.

Least favorite task: Weeding

Favorite flower:  Peony

Hobby: Loves Trains!


Our three children, Kara, Lauren, and Dane are the helping hands of the farm. Little hands make for big impact as they sow seeds and tend all the seedling babies! You'll often find little dude filling water buckets, hunting for wormsand preparing them for the twins to venture on an early morning harvest.   

Favorite tasks: Deadheading roses,  making bundles with mommy, and managing the wheelbarrow

Least favorite tasks:  

Watering by hand and WEEDING

Favorite flower: Ball shaped Dahlias, 

Light pink peonies, and Roses

Hobbies: Glass blowing, painting and LEGOS

The Turbow Clowns

Mini Farm Hands

The "Do Everything else" Manager

From her role as "favorite Auntie" to "sowing" up all the seeds and loose ends, Steph has been a life saving addition to the farm. 


She is known as our social media visionary, keeping our customers up to date with what's happening on the farm and offering a vantage point through a different set of lenses!

Favorite task: Capturing flower videos to share what truly happens behind the scenes

Least favorite task: Crawling in the coop to feed the chickens

Favorite flower: Strawflowers

Hobby: Being off grid in the mountains with her JEEP!

Stephanie Schmitz


Talk about an individual who works hard and moves fast. Marie roots from an intense and successful medical career and is now exercising her semi-retired life with some garden zen here at our farm.


Marie truly helps with every aspect of a flower's life cycle- from sowing to growing, to harvest, and to cutting back.  

Favorite task: Transplanting seedlings that we've nutured and hardened off from seed to soil

Least favorite task: Planting seeds and holding my breath until they finally germinate

Favorite flowers: Dahlias, Roses, Zinnias, Cosmos, Peonies, Orlaya, Bunny tails

Hobby: Deer Hollow Farm feeding the livestock- goats, cows, chickens, sheep, geese, ducks, and more

Farmette in-Training

Marie Roman-Clinton

Tomas Julio

Chief of Landscaping

Tomas has the strength of Thor when dealing with our clay soil! He takes passion in caring for the farm and he always picks up where we leave off or have otherwise overlooked.


In addition to redefining the art of fine gardening, Tomas has been instrumental in redesigning our irrigation systems as we grow under more drought stricken conditions.   

Least favorite task: No comment

Favorite flower: He loves them ALL!

Hobby: Taking care of his potted plants



The Master Greeter


Nigel is usually the first to greet new and old friends to the farm.  Though he may appear to be protecting our chickens and Cersei from large birds of prey, we can say it is just him usually patrolling and snooping for fallen fruit or rotten treats in our compost!


You will otherwise often find him and Cersei snuggled up on the deck! 

Favorite farm treats: 

Fallen fruit and pets on the head


CVAO, Chief Vermin Abatement officer


You'll find this sweet kitty pouncing around the farm, up on fences and hiding in bushes.  She loves to be underfoot in the early mornings and follows us around as we get our daily farm tasks completed.


Cersei loves to pull her nails on the raised beds and spends most of her day napping under the deck.

Favorite farm treat: 

Leftover workshop donuts

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