We are a small-scale family run speciaty cut flower farm nestled in the foothills of Los Altos, California.  

Growing common and not so common specialty cut flowers, we offer our fresh blooms March thru October.  Experience natural beauty thru our flower bundles, arrangements and seasonal offerings.  


As we are pretty fluid having little ones running at our feet, we regretfully are not open to the public at this time.  However, if you would like to have a unique farm experience, we would welcome private group bookings for any of our workshops.


Junior Farmettes,

 Little Dude

& Loyal Companion

Whether it's starting plants from seed, hunting for worms, or choosing flowers to harvest, our  twin girls and their little brother are the little hands that help keep the farm blooming.

Growing up in Vancouver, BC, (what feels like eons before noticable climate changes) we would have REAL winters.  OK, maybe not 6 feet of snow, but enough snow to cancel school over the radio and sufficiently provide plenty of snow for forts and snowmen building.   We're talking about enough cold to freeze the dike that we would later zamboni with a shovel, and skate on for days!   


These were also the days that I have such vivid memories of my mother's geranium cuttings that sat along the front window sill of our home on Gilmore Crescent.  They would sit quietly, draped gently behind the cream eyelet curtains, patiently waiting for Spring to arrive.  And like clockwork, when the weather softened up in May, we would transplant those pungent seedlings along the east fence in the yard. 

To this day, my fondest memories of my childhood is my mother's garden -- Wild cherry trees that reached the sky, scarlet rhododendrons, razor like pampas grass, freckled pink heather that wild bunnies would burrow under, and even a rogue hazlenut tree from our neighbors yard. Oh and don't forget the tiny lime tree frogs that my brother would throw in my hair--all remind me of home.

Our home serendipitously fell in our lap in 2009 just before the market crash.  I fell in love with the apricot trees (and the rest is history.)   We even got married in our backyard under our huge curly willow surrounded by family and friends.  Everything may seem charmed, but for several years we willed and begged to have children. By some gracious miracle, we now have three little people in our lives.

Fast forward-- It wasn't until seven years later and waking up from the fog of twins and a newborn, that it dawned on me that our property had the backbone elements of the floral world.   


We are literally in the heart of Silicon Valley.  It is often hard to separate ourselves from the golden handcuffs of technology and the hussle bussle of near-by city life. Part of it all this is navigating how to shape them "heart-centered."  For the small amount of control I have in this world, I wanted them to experience the grounded spirit of Mother Nature that my mother brought to my world.