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Collecting Seeds

I remember the first few years of starting the farm. Piles of seed packets were spread across my desk and I chuckled, thinking I had enough seeds for an entire city. We've learned the hard way that we simply cannot grow everything. It's simply way too much babysitting!

Fast forward --We have managed to narrow down blooms to varieties we really love. We try to exercise some self-control and only take on a handful of new varieties to try. As the each season's blooms are about to be spent, we begin the process of saving seeds for the following year.


Our method is quite simple -- It takes some of the wait time and FOMO of the equation!


•Labels or plant tags

•Marker that will not fade with UV exposure. (A pencil usually works fine as well!)

•Fabric mesh bags

How to collect seeds: 1. Look for developing seeds. As plants fade and begin to die back, look for developing seeds.

Note: Sweet peas will develop individual pods and some flowers such as poppies will open up their chambers. Orlaya and Chocolate lace flower will turn into velcro like flower pod heads. Cosmos will lose their petals and seeds will develop readily. Celosia and amaranth will develop seeds on their stalks and will shake out readily. Some plants such as zinnias will require a little more attention and detail to note that pollination has occured and that seed is mature.

2. Tent the fabric bag over seed heads and cinch firmly. The idea here is to allow the plant to naturally die off and encase the area of the plant where the seeds will release from.


Be sure to label each bag with a plant tag or label. We like using plant tags and simply attach them to the ribbon of each fabric bag.

[Now, walk away and enjoy the rest of your garden and take care of a few other tasks! :) ]

4. Collect seeds

In a few short weeks, trim away the section of the plant that you have bagged over and collect the seeds.

5. Store seeds appropriately

It is important to ensure that your seeds have cured and dried properly. If you are unsure, simply keep your seeds out in a well ventilated area away from direct sun for a week. Place your seeds in small envelopes and label the date (month/year) of harvest.

Store seeds in a dry, cool spot.


Mesh fabric bags:

Fade resistant markers:

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