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April Garden Reminders

Updated: May 4

Who would have ever thought we'd have 40 degree weather and hail in April? We just did...YESTERDAY!! Might we be reminded that we are ALWAYS at the mercy of Mother Nature :)

On the docket for April...

1. Dahlia planting

Check the weather forecast in preparation for dahlia planting. Weather in April can be turbulent. Ideal conditions for dahlias include lightly moistened soil and steady temperatures of 60F+. Don't forget... Rain poses a threat to unestablished dahlias. Tubers have thin skins like potatoes and are at higher risk of rot when up against wet sloppy soil. A dahlia plant that has formed green leaves indicates an established root system that is ready for watering.

2. Harvest, harvest, harvest!

You're probably knee deep in ranunculus and anemones blooms. As long as the weather stays cool, keep trimming those blooms to enjoy. In general, the more you harvest cut flowers, the more they will produce! Don't forget to harvest in the early AM when blooms are most hydrated.

3. Continue to sow batches of summer annuals

Focals: Zinnias and Cosmos

Filler: Orlaya, Celosia, Amaranth, Orach, Strawflower, Gomphrena

Flower Farmer Tip: If you're direct sowing, be sure to cover over with shade cloth or netting to prevent birds or other seed lovers from snatching up your loot!

4. Store unused seeds in a cool dark place

Why is it when we buy seeds, we feel like we've bought enough for an entire city??

A wonderful flower friend recommended storing seeds in clear plastic photo boxes. (BRILLIANT!) These boxes help to keep seeds organized and are easy to stow.

Alternative: You can even use ziplock bags and a shoebox! Viability of seeds tend to decline after a year of purchase. Some seeds can retain their viability longer than others with proper storage.

Head Farmette's Secret:

Sweet peas can be stored safely in the freezer.

This sweet pea storage technique was shared to me by the Sweet Pea King himself, Mr. Keith Hammett! Simply seal them up in a ziplock bag, removing as much air as possible. Place the bag into either a padded envelope or a cardboard box and stow them in the least disturbed area of the freezer.

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