A Happy Hello

From Turbow farms

Our hands have been quite full with all three children home during the shelter in place order.  If you missed my post on Instagram last week, I shamelessly admitted to wanting to lock myself out in the garden and let Dan fend for himself with the kids. 


With all joking aside, there have been some lovely positives, one being completely immersed with our children.  (There is no escape!)  We have been lucky to spend alot of time tending to our flowers with them.  The peony field looks pristine and free of weeds!  I do have the girls to thank as they are getting really good at weed pulling and not pulling out plants.  


Little Dude Dane notified me today that he’s “allergic to weeding.”  He prefers chasing lizards.  So I suppose it’s a good thing that I have the twins!  Nigel has held his ground, chasing off squirrels and even wild turkeys!

Spring has arrived and our blooms are arriving in waves.  Our hellebores, tulips, and narcissus have already landed on some of your doorsteps.  Our incredibly fragrant lilacs are about to take their last curtsy.  Elegant 3ft long cuts of white calla lilies are still heavily producing as the ranunculuses and anemones are about to explode.   The queen of flowers and my favorite— PEONIES, will soon be arriving!


If you would like some flowers for yourself or for a loved one,

please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate your request.  

To place an order visit our website TurbowFarms.com or email Farmette@TurbowFarms.com

Flower Bundles

Flower bundles are available every Thursday or Friday.

Weekly or bi/monthly subscriptions

are available and


Mother's Day Offering

Arrangements for Mother’s Day will also be available and we would be thrilled and honored to send something unique to your favorite mom(s) and grandma(s)!  


Dahlia Tubers

We are dividing our tuber stock  and tubers will be available for purchase.  If you’d like to try your hand at growing some blooms (even in a pot) let us know!  You have first dibs before we turn our extra stock to the public!

 Los Altos, CA